Friday, May 25, 2012


I just spent a good portion of my time looking for my glasses so that I could sit down and write this message.  Before that I spent quite some time trying to remember what it was that I was looking for.  That’s a lot of wasted and I don’t like it.
Before I began looking for my glasses, I had been relaxing in bed, wondering what it was I had planned to do today.  I couldn’t remember, but I didn’t concern myself, because you see I’m in my 80s and forgetfulness comes with the privilege of aging. So a couple of years ago I came up with a plan to help me remember things.
 I have this bright red binder that I keep on the bed stand next to my bed.  I placed it there so that I could find it.  In the binder I keep Daily Schedule and Planner sheets for each day of the week.  The sheets list the days’ date, errands, appointments, phone calls as well as miscellaneous things I plan to do. This system and those sheets have been a blessing that I’ve come to appreciate.
 I’ve had this system for quite some time, but my grandchildren think that its old fashion, so last Christmas they bought me some sort of fancy gadget called a Blackberry.  It was suppose to replace my Planning Sheets and be easier for me. They tried to show me how to use it, but I wasn’t impressed.  I couldn’t make hide nor hare out of that dog gone contraption. Besides, I put it up some place so that I could find it later and only God knows where it is.  I say good riddance!  I’m back to the old tried and true.
 Of course lately I’ve been kind of iffy about writing my plans down on a daily basis.  You see one day I had this bright idea about moving my red binder to some place where it would be more convenient.  Well, after that I never saw it again but I was sure that I’d find it someplace around here one day.  At least I had copies of the planning pages that I put in the binder.  Unfortunately, I needed my glasses to write on the planning sheet.
Well, I was about to write out my schedule for today when the telephone rang.  I can’t recall who was on the other end, but while I was talking it gave me a chance to pick up a few things here and there as I was walking through the house chatting.  Lo and behold, what did I stumble up on but my red binder!  Guess what was tucked between the pages?  My glasses!  
 Of course the planning sheet page that I had right in my hand must have fallen on the floor and slipped under some furniture or something, because I couldn’t find it.  Now, I don’t know what else I was planning to do today, but at least I’m sitting in front of the computer ready to write about—

Hmmm, what was it?  Hopefully, I’ll remember before the day is over.  Meanwhile, I’ll muse on it.

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