Sunday, October 12, 2014


Oh, oh!  My girls and I have been so busy that we let quite a few months pass without blogging about a thing!  I'm Hattie Collier and back in August Miss Fanny and I starred in a stage play called Stakeout where I showed the world how well I could track down a no good cheating man.  Well, while Stakeout was a success.  I'm sad to say that my case went belly up, but I really don't want to talk about it.  Maybe one day the play, Stakeout, will come your way and you can attend and find out what happened for yourself.

Meanwhile, Bea is still all up on her high horse about trying to get her detective license.  She wants to have it by the time Whose Knife is it Anyway? comes out.  Whose Knife is it Anyway? is the next book in the Grandmothers, Incorporated series by Evans and Rhodes.  In the book my girls and me go on a retreat with ladies from rival churches, and I don't know what Bea plans to do with a P.I. license stuck on a retreat in the back woods with a bunch of cackling hens, but that's her problem.  I'm just praying that I survive the doggone thing.  Lord knows what will happen.  I know that Evans and Rhodes will come up with something weird.

Over the next few months, our creators will be taking our stories to a couple of book fairs.  They've already bent the ears of a few book clubs about our antics.  I tell you, being an infamous--I mean famous--sleuth is time consuming.  Hope one of the girls has time to write the blog next month.  We'll see.