Wednesday, January 31, 2018

2018 Month 1 and Counting!

We're trying to keep our commitment to post every month in 2018 and although we barely made this month, we're here! Whose Knife is it Anyway is doing well. It's available on and However things have been crazy for both of the Grandmothers, Incorporated creators ! 

L. Barnett Evans and C.V. Rhodes have finished the first draft of the first book in the trilogy of new mysteries we're working on.  This trilogy will not be a cozy mystery series, or connected with the Grandmothers, Incorporated series.  It's heart pounding excitement this time, but we'll be posting more on that later. 

L. Barnett Evans is producing a play she wrote titled  Take My Hand:  A Blue's Man's path to Gospel.  It's the riveting story of gospel legion, Thomas Dorsey.  C.V. Rhodes is busy trying to get her latest play, The Diary of Annie Mae Franklin produced by theatres and that's an ongoing process.  Finding time for all of this is a miracle, but we manage.  Until next time...