Saturday, February 23, 2019


Lights!  Action!  But no cameras, not for this production of the stage play Grandmothers, Incorporated, by Evans and Rhodes. The play will be presented in Detroit, Michigan in March 2019.  What a nice way to enjoy the third month of the year.

Grandmothers, Incorporated, the play, features the characters from the Grandmothers Incorporated book series, Bea, Hattie, Connie and Miss Fannie.  Of course the storyline is totally different than that in any of the novels, but it's still funny.  In the Two Act play the ladies go on a weekend outing only to come across a notorious drug dealer hiding in the remote cabin in which they are staying.  The results are hilarious, because as readers of our novels know the ladies back down from nothing!

Grandmothers, Incorporated, the play, made its debut in 2010 Off Broadway at the Billie Holiday Theatre, and it was a hit.  It was even held over.  There's no doubt that a good time will be had by all at the Detroit production.