Friday, September 14, 2018


Okay, so we tried to upload a video on this blog promoting our latest title, WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY? Guess what? No such luck. Yes, we're disappointed, but what can you do? Either you're tech savvy or you're not. There is a way readers can see the Grandmothers, Incorporated videos.  Go to YouTube and type in Grandmothers Incorporated Adventures.  All of our book promotion videos are there including the latest one for WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY.  Who knows, maybe we'll become savvy enough to put one of them on the blog in the near future.  We keep trying.

Meanwhile, we're busy gathering material for a new mystery novel  Everywhere we go we come up with ideas that could put our ladies in hilarious situations.  Mackinac Island, a quaint island in Northern Michigan looks like it might be the next candidate for one of their adventures.  It's isolated.  The only way to get there is by ferry.  No motor vehicles are allowed on the island.  Either you walk or ride a bike to get around,  and rumor has it that there are areas  on the island that might be haunted.  Sounds like the perfect place for a Grandmothers, Incorporated Adventure, doesn't it?

Mackinac Island, Michigan