Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Like we said last month, the ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated are back, and in the year since our creators, L. Barnett Evans and C.V. Rhodes, tried to get serious by writing another blog titled We Write Book Reviews, a whole lot has happened.  Let's play catch up.

Bea Bell, Connie Palmer, and me, Hattie Collier, went to Las Vegas in Evans and Rhodes' second book, Saving Sin City.  Oh, and of course my mother-in-law, Miss Fanny, just had to tag along.  There have been a lot of false and malicious rumors going around about that trip, but I'd advise you not to listen to them.  Yes, it is true that I spent a little time in the slammer while I was there, but I was an innocent victim of circumstance.  But folks have it all wrong about the police "tossing" me out of town.  They simply escorted my friends and me to a private plane that they provided for us and we flew out of that devilish place with our dignity intact.  The good Lord knows that all I was trying to do in that godless city was save some souls for Jesus, but my efforts were not appreciated, even though I personally helped the authorities solve a major crime.  I'm still praying hard for those devils that trespassed against me.  I hold no malice in my heart.  Other than that I'll say no more about our time in Sin City, especially since Bea, Connie, Miss Fanny and me are under a gag order.  So that's that!

After Las Vegas, my friends and I took a long awaited vacation to Carmel, California.  It was a trip that we had been dreaming about since we were younger women.  As usual Miss Fanny had to horn in, and to make matters worse she brought one of her creepy friends along named Zelda Chambers.  I kept telling Bea and Connie that there was something wrong with that woman, but they didn't believe me until the truth couldn't be denied.  We told Evans and Rhodes every detail about that misadventure and they wrote their third book in the Grandmothers, Incorporated series about it titled There's Something Wrong with Miss Zelda.  They even managed to make the story as funny as the other two books they wrote about us.  I tell you, those two women are brilliant!

Friday, October 4, 2013



I’m Bea Bell and me, my friends Connie Palmer and Hattie Collier, and my mother-in-law Fanny Collier, were remembering some of the language dyslexia of one of our former politicians.  One verbal fumble was when he tried to quote the slogan of the United Negro College Fund.  He said, “What a waste it is to lose one’s mind.”  We laughed but then we thought that maybe he didn’t have it all wrong. 

A year or so ago we discontinued our blog because as fictional characters we had to bow to the wishes of our creators, authors L. Barnett Evans and C. V. Rhodes.  They wanted to create a serious blog entitled We Write Book Reviews.  The idea was that they would review novels in which the characters were at least 40 years old or older.  Finding books within that criterion proved to be harder than they thought.

You don’t have to be amateur sleuth like the three of us to discover that we still have a following and maybe our blog should have continued.  Believe me, after all these months of silence, you bet we have plenty to say.  We have accepted an apology from Evans and Rhodes, who apparently lost their minds, and will pick up our blog from where we left off. 

Take heart you readers that still have a sense of humor, you readers who have discovered that most people don’t have the sense God gave a goose, and you readers who are disgruntled with the supposed intelligence of those that run industry and the government.  We are here to speak our minds.  After all a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

The ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated are back.