Wednesday, April 10, 2019


The Cast of Grandmothers, Incorporated (left to right-seated) Carol Wotring (Bea Bell) Marianne Shrader (Chevron Harris), Erin Ann Disante (Hattie Collier), (left to right-standing), Mary Stelmark (Connie Palmer), Patricia O'Brien (Director) and Sheila Wade Kneeshaw (Fanny Collier)

The Theatre Arts Club of Detroit presented Grandmothers, Incorporated, the play, on March 15th and 16th at the Players Club in Detroit, Michigan and it was quite a show. Produced by Lisa Lechniak, and directed by Patricia O'Brien , the play was presented to two nights of full houses and was well received.

The ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated in action

In the Two Act play, the ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated go to an isolated cabin in the woods for a  weekend of peace and quiet and, unexpectedly, encounter a notorious drug dealer hiding in the cabin.  The result is less than peaceful or quiet, but it is hilarious.  Grandmothers, Incorporated, written by Evans and Rhodes, authors of the popular cozy mystery novels of the same title, made its debut in  Off Broadway in 2010 at the Billie Holiday Theatre, and enjoyed a successful run.  The Theatre Arts Club (TAC) is a Michigan non-profit organization established in 1910 as an all women's theatre group.  The TAC produces two shows a season, and Evans and Rhodes are glad that Grandmothers, Incorporated was one of them.  We attended one of the performances and had a blast with the ladies.

If you know of a theatre group that might be interested in producing Grandmothers, Incorporated, drop Evans and Rhodes a line at

Sunday, March 3, 2019

2019 - MONTH 3 - Ebook Week Sale March 3-9

The 10th Annual
Read an Ebook Week Sale!

March 3, 2019 - March 9, 2019

Welcome to the 10th annual Smashwords Read an Ebook Week sale!  For the these seven days only, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will offer readers exclusive discounts on their ebooks.

Evans and Rhodes will offer the newest title in its Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy book series, WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY, for 50% Off, that's only $1.50.  So if you've enjoyed the other hilarious books in our book series, be sure to go to, or better yet simply click on the book cover on this blog and purchase WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY?

In WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY? the amateur sleuths, Bea, Hattie and Connie become embroiled in a case of "real murder" this time.

When the ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated are trapped in the woods with a group of feuding church ladies they wonder is a killer lurking in their midst?  It's another round of belly laughs as the ladies embark on a desperate search to discover the guilty culprit in WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY?

Of course don't forget the other three books in the series, Grandmothers, Incorporated, Saving Sin City and There's Something Wrong with Miss Zelda.  Buy them if you want to laugh until you cry.

Saturday, February 23, 2019


Lights!  Action!  But no cameras, not for this production of the stage play Grandmothers, Incorporated, by Evans and Rhodes. The play will be presented in Detroit, Michigan in March 2019.  What a nice way to enjoy the third month of the year.

Grandmothers, Incorporated, the play, features the characters from the Grandmothers Incorporated book series, Bea, Hattie, Connie and Miss Fannie.  Of course the storyline is totally different than that in any of the novels, but it's still funny.  In the Two Act play the ladies go on a weekend outing only to come across a notorious drug dealer hiding in the remote cabin in which they are staying.  The results are hilarious, because as readers of our novels know the ladies back down from nothing!

Grandmothers, Incorporated, the play, made its debut in 2010 Off Broadway at the Billie Holiday Theatre, and it was a hit.  It was even held over.  There's no doubt that a good time will be had by all at the Detroit production. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019


It’s a new year and with it comes a new effort to write at least a blog a month.  Maybe it doesn’t sound like a big deal to most, but when you’re busy writers with multi-projects going on, then finding the time to keep up with a blog can be a Herculean task, but it’s nothing the creators ladies of the Grandmothers Incorporated cozy mystery series can’t handle--we hope.

Last year was a major one for Evans and Rhodes.  L. Barnett Evans successfully produced a play she wrote.  C.V. Rhodes won a national Play Festival contest with a new play she wrote and earned a trip to Florida.  Yes, 2018 turned out to be quite a year for both of us and this year looks as though it will be just as exciting.

The year 2019 will open with a production of the play, Grandmothers, Incorporated, written by Evans and Rhodes.  The play will be presented in March in Detroit, Michigan.  Evans and Rhodes will begin a speaking tour this year, touting their success in turning the characters in their cozy mystery novels into stage characters, and encouraging everyone to follow their dreams and to live their best lives.  In addition, we will be turning our writing talents to developing another mystery series which should be released in the near future.  We may provide more information on that development in this blog over the next few months.  We’ll see.  Meanwhile, we continue to collect new ideas for the next adventure for the ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated.   Yes, 2019 should be quite productive.  We’re looking forward to sharing it with you!

Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 - MONTH 12 - Mission Accomplished!

We did it!  Evans and Rhodes completed all twelve months of this year with blog posts.  The time seemed to just fly this year, or maybe so much has happened during this time that everything was a blur.

Earlier this year L. Barnett Evans produced a One Act play for a Fringe Play Festival.  She wrote the work, titled Take My Hand ,and it enjoyed a successful run even during a snowstorm.  C.V. Rhodes wrote a Two Act play titled, The Diary of Annie Mae Franklin.  It won the American Stage Theatre’s 21st Century Voices New Play Festival for 2018.  The work will get a staged reading and a chance for a regional production.  Meanwhile, the latest cozy mystery by Evans and Rhodes, Whose Knife is it Anyway, continues to sell.  Our Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy mystery series does especially well on, particularly outside the United States.  Perhaps we’ll explore the reasons for this in an upcoming blog.

Evans and Rhodes are in negotiations now with a theatre in Detroit, Michigan for the Midwest debut of our Two Act play, Grandmothers, Incorporated.  So the year 2018 ends on a high note.  It pays to be versatile writers..Let’s see what we come up with in 2019!

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Often when writers are working we have tunnel vision.  All we see is what’s in front of us until its completion.  We want to get our creation written, completed and out to the public.  After that it’s about promoting the work so that it sells.  After that, it’s on to the next project.  That’s how it has been with Grandmothers, Incorporated.  Over the years, we’ve written four books in the series and we’re proud of that fact.

There have been other areas of which we should be proud, but more of less have taken for granted, not reveling in the accomplishments.   Maybe we’ve been too busy to acknowledge them.  Characters from the Grandmothers, Incorporated novels have been featured in two plays, the Two Act, aptly titled Grandmothers, Incorporated and in the One Act play, Stakeout.  Both productions were successful.

The titles from our book series have received great reviews.  When the book Grandmothers, Incorporated was released years ago, it received two on-line awards as best cozy mystery, but as busy authors we didn’t take the time to savor those honors.  We simply moved on to writing the next book.  We’ve spoken at Book Clubs, at Conferences and we’ve conducted Workshops and the positive reception has always been heartening.  Yet, we as authors rarely took the time to enjoy the compliments, because the next book was on our minds.

Now, in this 11th blog of the year--the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving the writing duo of Evans and Rhodes is taking the time to review all of those accomplishments and blessings that have come our way as the result of the Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy mystery series, and we are grateful. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 - MONTH 10 - Grandmothers, Incorporated goes Women's Lit

We've added another label to our categories for the Grandmothers Incorporated cozy mystery series.  That label is Women's Lit.  According to a definition on Google "Women's fiction is an umbrella term for women centered books that focus on women's life experience that are marketed to female readers, and includes many mainstream novels. It is distinct from Women's writing, which refers to literature written by (rather than promoted to) women."

Alright, we'll buy that.  The Grandmothers, Incorporated series focuses on three women--four if you count Miss Fanny.  Each of the women in the series is "sixty something"-- again, except for Miss Fanny, who is "eighty something"--so they definitely have experienced a lot of life.  Women's Lit is marketed to female readers.  There's no doubt that mostly women purchase the books in our series, but we accept greenbacks from any gender.  We don't discriminate.  We've sold our novels to quite a few men, young and old.  As for the words mainstream novels. back to Goggle for a definition.

"Mainstream Fiction Is Any Novel That Sells Well. According to this first definition, any novel, whether genre or literary, which attracts a wide audience and sells in large numbers is a mainstream novel."  

Bingo!  So we're making it official.  Mini Musings is proud to announce the addition of the Grandmothers Incorporated cozy mystery series as  part of the Women's Lit label.  Now all that remains is to see what's next for our ladies!