Monday, December 10, 2018

2018 - MONTH 12 - Mission Accomplished!

We did it!  Evans and Rhodes completed all twelve months of this year with blog posts.  The time seemed to just fly this year, or maybe so much has happened during this time that everything was a blur.

Earlier this year L. Barnett Evans produced a One Act play for a Fringe Play Festival.  She wrote the work, titled Take My Hand ,and it enjoyed a successful run even during a snowstorm.  C.V. Rhodes wrote a Two Act play titled, The Diary of Annie Mae Franklin.  It won the American Stage Theatre’s 21st Century Voices New Play Festival for 2018.  The work will get a staged reading and a chance for a regional production.  Meanwhile, the latest cozy mystery by Evans and Rhodes, Whose Knife is it Anyway, continues to sell.  Our Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy mystery series does especially well on, particularly outside the United States.  Perhaps we’ll explore the reasons for this in an upcoming blog.

Evans and Rhodes are in negotiations now with a theatre in Detroit, Michigan for the Midwest debut of our Two Act play, Grandmothers, Incorporated.  So the year 2018 ends on a high note.  It pays to be versatile writers..Let’s see what we come up with in 2019!

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Often when writers are working we have tunnel vision.  All we see is what’s in front of us until its completion.  We want to get our creation written, completed and out to the public.  After that it’s about promoting the work so that it sells.  After that, it’s on to the next project.  That’s how it has been with Grandmothers, Incorporated.  Over the years, we’ve written four books in the series and we’re proud of that fact.

There have been other areas of which we should be proud, but more of less have taken for granted, not reveling in the accomplishments.   Maybe we’ve been too busy to acknowledge them.  Characters from the Grandmothers, Incorporated novels have been featured in two plays, the Two Act, aptly titled Grandmothers, Incorporated and in the One Act play, Stakeout.  Both productions were successful.

The titles from our book series have received great reviews.  When the book Grandmothers, Incorporated was released years ago, it received two on-line awards as best cozy mystery, but as busy authors we didn’t take the time to savor those honors.  We simply moved on to writing the next book.  We’ve spoken at Book Clubs, at Conferences and we’ve conducted Workshops and the positive reception has always been heartening.  Yet, we as authors rarely took the time to enjoy the compliments, because the next book was on our minds.

Now, in this 11th blog of the year--the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving the writing duo of Evans and Rhodes is taking the time to review all of those accomplishments and blessings that have come our way as the result of the Grandmothers, Incorporated cozy mystery series, and we are grateful. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

2018 - MONTH 10 - Grandmothers, Incorporated goes Women's Lit

We've added another label to our categories for the Grandmothers Incorporated cozy mystery series.  That label is Women's Lit.  According to a definition on Google "Women's fiction is an umbrella term for women centered books that focus on women's life experience that are marketed to female readers, and includes many mainstream novels. It is distinct from Women's writing, which refers to literature written by (rather than promoted to) women."

Alright, we'll buy that.  The Grandmothers, Incorporated series focuses on three women--four if you count Miss Fanny.  Each of the women in the series is "sixty something"-- again, except for Miss Fanny, who is "eighty something"--so they definitely have experienced a lot of life.  Women's Lit is marketed to female readers.  There's no doubt that mostly women purchase the books in our series, but we accept greenbacks from any gender.  We don't discriminate.  We've sold our novels to quite a few men, young and old.  As for the words mainstream novels. back to Goggle for a definition.

"Mainstream Fiction Is Any Novel That Sells Well. According to this first definition, any novel, whether genre or literary, which attracts a wide audience and sells in large numbers is a mainstream novel."  

Bingo!  So we're making it official.  Mini Musings is proud to announce the addition of the Grandmothers Incorporated cozy mystery series as  part of the Women's Lit label.  Now all that remains is to see what's next for our ladies!

Friday, September 14, 2018


Okay, so we tried to upload a video on this blog promoting our latest title, WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY? Guess what? No such luck. Yes, we're disappointed, but what can you do? Either you're tech savvy or you're not. There is a way readers can see the Grandmothers, Incorporated videos.  Go to YouTube and type in Grandmothers Incorporated Adventures.  All of our book promotion videos are there including the latest one for WHOSE KNIFE IS IT ANYWAY.  Who knows, maybe we'll become savvy enough to put one of them on the blog in the near future.  We keep trying.

Meanwhile, we're busy gathering material for a new mystery novel  Everywhere we go we come up with ideas that could put our ladies in hilarious situations.  Mackinac Island, a quaint island in Northern Michigan looks like it might be the next candidate for one of their adventures.  It's isolated.  The only way to get there is by ferry.  No motor vehicles are allowed on the island.  Either you walk or ride a bike to get around,  and rumor has it that there are areas  on the island that might be haunted.  Sounds like the perfect place for a Grandmothers, Incorporated Adventure, doesn't it?

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Wednesday, August 1, 2018


The July Summer Sale on went so well for the Grandmothers, Incorporated book series that we decided to celebrate! For the rest of 2018 Grandmothers, Incorporated, Saving Sin City and There's Something Wrong with Miss Zelda will be on sale for .99, as well as From the Stage to the Page.

Of course we can't give all of the books in our fabulous cozy book series away.  Our latest novel  Whose Knife is it Anyway will still be the same low price, but click on any of the links below and read a sample of the book you want to purchase.  Happy Reading!  

Grandmothers, Incorporated
Saving Sin City

There's Something Wrong with Miss Zelda  

 Whose Knife is it Anyway


From the Stage to the Page


Tuesday, July 3, 2018


The 10th Annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale Runs July 1-31
The biggest sale of the year at Smashwords has begun!

From July 1 through July 31, you'll find deals on all of the GRANDMOTHERS, INCORPORATED titles in the 10th annual Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale.

ALL TITLES FOR .99 cents
THE 4th BOOK  
in the hilarious
Book Series!
by L. Barnett Evans and  C.V. Rhodes 

That's what Bea, Hattie and Connie want to know as the amateur sleuths become embroiled in a case of "real" murder this time. 

When the ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated  are trapped in the woods with a group of feuding church ladies, they wonder is a killer lurking in their midst?  

It's another round of bell laughs as the ladies embark on a desperate search to discover WHOSE KNIFE is it ANYWAY?

Visit us on the web at:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

2018 - MONTH 6 - busy! Busy! BUSY!

Busy is the only word that can be used for all that has happened during the month of June.  Evans and Rhodes have been busy getting ready for a major Book Festival held on June 16th. Both authors were asked not only to sell our novels, but to speak at the event.  L. Barnett Evans ended the Book Festival with the reading of Excerpts from her recently produced play, Take My Hand.

C.V. Rhodes served as the keynote speaker at the Festival.  The title of the speech was "Follow Your Dreams, but Take Care of Your Business".  Since Evans and Rhodes are both authors and playwrights, in that speech important suggestions were made for those who aspire to  become writers. 

If you choose to follow these suggestions, no matter what type of  creative artists one might, remember that your work is valuable.  Know your worth.  Live your dreams, but take care of your business.

·        Copyright your work (own your work in case of future disputes) Go on line to the U.S. Copyright Office Official site and register your work.  It cost $35 to $85.

·        Have an attorney review contracts ask questions regarding what you don’t understand on those contracts (Legal Shield membership will provide such services)

·        Playwrights, you own your work and when a producer wants to put your play up all you are doing is giving permission for that producer to do your work for a limited time.  You should receive rights and royalty monies.  Every time that play hits the stage you should receive royalty money.  Never give permission for a producer to do your work without a written contract.

·        Authors when you get a book contract, even if you have an agent, you should understand every right that you’re giving up, especially your digital rights (ebooks, audio books, streaming of any kind anything to projects your rights for the future ).  Giving up too much for too long can cost you.

·        If you’re an author with a publishing contract, (whether you have an author or not) learn how to read a Royalty Statement (question anything that looks suspicious, be willing to challenge the publisher regarding it)

·        Playwrights and Authors know how much you’re willing to give away to get produced or published