Thursday, August 13, 2015


Sorry we didn't post our blog last month, but we were dealing with a reality we all must face one day--death.  A couple of our friends made their transition and it left us reeling.
Of course every living thing on earth must face the inevitable.  That makes the time we have on earth precious.  That time is also limited, so we shouldn’t squander it on petty foolishness, like envying others and holding grudges.  Life should be fully embraced.  It should never be taken for granted, because as the saying goes, tomorrow is not promised.  The next hour, minute or second isn’t promised.  With every blink of the eye a soul is leaving this earth..
I’m no expert on what living life to its fullest might be, but I am in my eighties which makes my days on earth more limited than most.  All I can say is that in my opinion, if a person can live with purpose, goodness and grace, they must be on the right track.  I know in my life I’ve tried to love hard, serve others, and make the world a better place for the next generation.  I may not have always succeeded, but I’ve done the best I can, and that’s probably all any of us can do.
That’s all of the wisdom that I can think of on the subject of life for now.  This is Miss Fanny signing off, and glad that I’m taking my next breath.  Hope it lasts for a while.