Friday, April 6, 2012


As a woman in her sixties and a successful real estate entrepreneur, people are always asking me, “Is your business computerized?”  They say it as though it’s a given that I couldn’t possibly be making any money if it’s not.  Well I’m always glad to inform the busy bodies who ask that yes Connie Palmer’s enterprise is computerized and I’m taking care of business quite nicely, thank you.  I have a business page on LinkedIn and on Facebook.  I then whip out my smart phone and even on occasion my ipad to emphasize the fact that I am armed to the teeth with modern technology.  Of course, the assumption is that I know how to use all of the weapons in my arsenal.  I’m here to tell you that the assumption is wrong, because I am what some people in this country might refer to as being technically challenged.
Sure, I  use computers in my business, and I’ve got to say they do make life a lot easier, but unfortunately I don’t hold the same high opinion of a smart phone . I can make a call, but this texting thing, I can’t get into it.  Why in the hell would I want to talk to somebody on a phone without hearing their voice?  A lot can be said in hearing the tones in the human voice.  There are nuances that can’t be translated in a text message. My kids and grandkids have tried to show me how to text and how to understand the shortcuts in the language that are used in texting.   All I’ve got to say is it really does not interest me and no wonder the academic scores are going down in our school system.  The kids don’t know how to spell!  What the hell is lol?  Is it too hard to spell the words lots of love?    
I don’t have to have my phone take pictures either, although I have to confess that it can be convenient at times and it can mean less clutter in my purse, but I’ve really got to get use to taking a photograph on a phone—that is when I learn how to do it.  And what in God’s name is an App?
Shoot, I’m still using my computer as a giant word processor.  If it hadn’t been for my office assistant showing me how, I wouldn’t be on the internet and I’m still struggling with how to get on it with my smart phone.  Have Mercy!  The phone is smarter than me!  It’s all a bit too much. 
Speaking of which, the GPS system that one of my sons gave me for Christmas almost got me killed recently when it gave me directions to turn right and drive into a brick wall.  I can get lost following a paper map, or better yet, using Map Quest. I don’t need some irritating stranger’s voice helping me do it.
People, I know that we’re in the Age of Technology and I don’t want to be left behind, but I think that things are moving a bit too fast for me and catching up is taking a lot of effort.  I’m not sure that I’m going to make. 
With that in mind, don’t look for my personal page on Facebook. I choose to keep my personal business to myself only to be shared with my real friends.  Expect to hear my voice over the telephone if you want to communicate with me, or better yet let’s have lunch or dinner.   You see, I know that it’s old fashion, but human connection is what I’m into, and no smart phones, GPS systems, text messages or Facebook friends can replace it.  Now you can muse on that!  

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