Friday, April 27, 2012


What in the world would make people think that if you’ve got some years on you that you can’t be a crook?  It makes sense to me that being older would make somebody a better criminal. Older people have experience.  So you would think that folks with common sense had already figured out that its character and not age that determines whether a person is honest or not, but I guess that’s not the case.

You see, on the TV news recently they had a story about this 73 year old woman in Oklahoma who was running a drug ring. They put her white-haired mug on the screen and the news anchors seemed to be in shock as they blabbed about how sweet she looked (which was a matter of opinion), and how they just couldn't believe that she ran a drug cartel.  Ha!

The only question that I had about the whole thing was why couldn’t they believe it? From what the report said the woman was busted with 4 pounds of marijuana, worth about $276,000. That’s a lot of money, especially if you’re someone living on Social Security.  The woman told the authorities that she was building a nest egg for her old age.  I might not agree with how she did it, but what she said makes sense to me and from what I heard, she had been running this drug ring for some time without raising suspicion.  I wasn’t surprised by that either.

It also seems logical that the most successful criminals would be the ones who would seem to be the least harmful.  That’s why it would be easier for an older person to fool folks, especially the ones who refuse to give up the stereotypes. Things are changing and so are the times. I guess when “granny” or “paw paw” rip enough folks off, they’ll get the message.

I’m just surprised that there haven’t been more stories like this.  Shoot, for the average person, Social Security is barely enough to live on.  I guess that some folks figure that they have to get extra money somehow.  Come to think of it there are probably a lot more “seniors” who choose illegal activities to make extra money than folks think. They just don’t get caught because they look too sweet

And while I’m at it, whose bright idea was it to ease up on frisking blue haired old ladies and little kids at the airport security gate?  I say search those suckers!  Even I can think of a bunch of scenarios in which the most innocent looking airline passengers can be used for the worst things possible.  I won’t give any examples of what I can think of to pull off terrorist attacks by “sweet faced old ladies”, but if I can think of some I’m sure that these terrorist can too.

I think that everybody who passes through the security gate at an airport should be searched with a fine tooth comb, particularly when my life is at stake.  I don’t care how innocent they look.  Any old fart can be a gangsta. 

You can call me a cynic, but I’ll call myself sensible.  So you can muse on that!

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