Friday, February 14, 2014


Whose Knife is it Anyway? the next installment of the Grandmothers, Incorporated series by Evans and Rhodes is coming along.  While doing some research on the book they found out the most amazing thing.  In some states in the U.S.A. it doesn’t take much to get a license to become a Private Investigator. Isn’t that scary?   Can you imagine one of us ladies of Grandmothers, Incorporated—or even worse—all of us ladies—walking around with legitimate credentials to do something we’re only marginally qualified to do in the first place?  O.K., perhaps the word marginally might be stretching it, and qualified might be questionable, but our readers understand.
Anyway, the point is that with webcams, security cameras, GPS tracking and such, snooping might not be as difficult as it appears.  Everybody’s doing it.  We just prefer to do our snooping legitimately. 
Another reality is that everybody in this country knows how easy it can be to get a gun—and it didn’t take any research at all for this one.  So let’s see, the equation looks like this:  Easy access to a Private Investigators License + Easy Weapon Purchase = a possible crazy person running around with a legal right to hunt anybody down.
Oh my!  Sounds like a good premise for a book.  Whose Knife is it Anway? is coming along.

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